Your new home will become the love of your life. One may consider solid timber flooring as the choice of the floor. It has been a popular choice for many ever since it was first used. You can use hardwood floors to enrich the appearance of any room with absolute freedom and confidence. They are invariably beautiful as well as practical and best of all it looks great.

Wood flooring have other attributes that make it one of the best selling flooring materials. Wood is a natural insulator, as an adding to your home's energy efficiency. As you might know, homes that has solid timber flooring have a higher market value than one that doesn't.

Besides, wooden flooring is easy to maintain and has a long life. It adds softness and warmth in your home, and turns it to a contemporary sanctuary that you would be able to relax your body and mind completely, by feeling nature under your feet.

As we know, flooring has become the key to manipulate the feel on how your home would look like and a very common obsession for many home owners. Therefore you have you have to make the right choice on what type of flooring you're going to choose

Master Piece Timber Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a timber flooring company that specialise in the supply and installation of premium and exotic hardwood flooring for both indoors and out. Another part of Master Piece timber flooring dedication and care is our maintenance services and rectification works, thus covering all aspects of customer’s needs.

Our company set up in Year 2003. Our showroom at No.48A, Jalan Setia Jaya Utama, Tmn Setia Jaya, 83000 Batu Pahat, Johor. We have three warehouses currently so as to store our imported timber flooring. Our sales staffs are always on hand to answer any queries and impart their knowledge and expertise to our customer. We also update ourselves with the latest equipment and installation techniques.

Due to higher demand in local market, our company reengineer the core business services by increasing trade activities as well as focusing on diversification of the market . As continue to invest and grow in the market, we face a number of challenges in managing our financial and traded finance processes across the region. Therefore we would like to find out a set of solutions to provide us the trade finance tools in order to fund the business expansion while controlling cost. With theses financial tools, we can manage the increasing complexity and diversity of markets and counter-parties, hence minimizing us to the exposure to risks associated with growth.

Our commitment is to bring the satisfaction to our customers. We put the breadth and depth of our expertise to work, delivering solutions with optimum speed and maximum efficiency that best suit our customers’ needs. With the excellent service on a consistent basic, this is the way to bring the prosperity and success of the company.